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how to celebrate a "jandewerthan" christmas.

Which December holidays do you celebrate, and why? One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]

My family and I always celebrate Christmas Eve on December 24th and Christmas on December 25th. On Christmas Eve we used to visit my maternal grandmother, we always did that ever since I was a little child, but after her death, my uncle who lived with her all his life continued this tradition and now invites us over for cake every year.
Afterwards, my parents, my brother, my godmother and I have dinner at our place. We usually have our little giving of Christmas presents beforehand.

On Christmas Day my paternal grandmother used to invite our entire family (and it's growing steadily) for coffee and cake and dinner. It's always been an incredibly nice gathering (and so much stress for my mum because it was always held at our place since my grandma used to live upstairs). However, when my grandmother died in 2005 my parents and aunts and uncles discussed how to celebrate Christmas Day and thought of a rotating system to share the work. I, however, stuck to our tradition and convinced everyone to stay at our place for Christmas Day celebrations and so everyone did. There's been a few alterations concerning the menu etc, but Christmas Day is still celebrated the way my grandma would've liked it and that means so incredibly much to me.

As for New Year's Eve, I used to celebrate it with my parents who had invited some of their and my friends, but since there's been a lot of growing up in the past several years, I started to celebrate New Year's Eve with my friends. Especially this year, it seems to be so much more important to celebrate New Year's Eve with my friends because we graduated from high school in March and are off to different cities and universities, so this is one of the nicest occasions to celebrate with your friends.
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spam me, please.

SPAM POST @ twenty3twelve

Spam me with HQ images of any celebrities, movies, TV shows or really any fandoms. New music, lyrics or videos are also highly appreciated.
I really don't care what it is you spam me with as long as you do think I could icon it or that it might help me get inspired again because it was inspiring to you or means anything to you in general.

If you have any amazing sources for textures, tutorials or PSDs, you can hand them to me, too. They might help, too. :)

Thank you very much in advance. ♥
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shut up and let me see your jazz hands.

This is not going to be an update about my life, but a promotion for Elisa's gorgeous Killjoys photo she sent in for a contest to meet My Chemical Romance (and I'm really keeping my fingers crossed, so she can get me a great photo of them holding a sign saying HI FRIDDE! WE ♥ YOU! - not necessarily that, but something in that direction, HAHA - OR she can make a video of them saying something to me, haha!!!).

All you have to do to help her, her friend (and me, haha) is like THIS PAGE on Facebook and then like the LAST photo in the first row AND the SECOND photo in the second row.

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Please click on the image to view the fandom auction entry.

A lot of you may have heard about the massive floods in Queensland, Australia, but there have also been floods in Brazil, too. Please help make a donation by bidding on graphics and fanfictions to support the recovery of the flooded areas in Brazil.

I am once more offering icons, banners and wallpapers of any fandom (You name it, I'll make it.).
You will find my thread here.
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Please click on the image to view the fundraiser entry.

Please visit the entry linked above to bid on some graphics and get something for your donation to help the victims of the floods in Queensland, Australia. You may also offer your very own graphics - icons, headers, fanmixes or really anything else - to help or bid on the offers posted there until midnight EST on January 16.

Go here to see my thread. I offer pretty much any kind of graphics (amount depending on the bid) and fanmixes starting at $1AUS.